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March 19, 2007

Hotel ZaZa-Please come home with me!

If there was a hotel that could sum up everything that I love about the experience of staying at a hotel, the Hotel ZaZa in Dallas, TX would be at the top of my list (neck & neck with the Wynn, Las Vegas of course).

This is one place I would not mind getting stranded at for a few days or a week or maybe I should just move in! I must say that if I was a hotel, I would be the Hotel ZaZa.

This luxury, boutique hotel is extravagence, indulgence and every other delicious word I can think of when it comes to describing it. The decor alone is making me swoon!

Hotel ZaZa is known for their "Concept Suites" & their "Magnificent Seven" villa suites that really are the most glamorous and divine rooms I have ever seen. Everyone of them looks like they popped out of the pages of Architectural Digest or Elle Decor. Check out the "Rock Star Suite"!!

The funny thing is, I haven't even stayed there yet, but oh how I can't wait to find an excuse to go to Dallas. I will however make sure to check out the newest Hotel ZaZa Houston Museum District when I'm there in July!

They do know how to treat their guests and have some incredibly pampering packages for the ladies, the gents and of couse, lovers (whether you have been on your honeymoon for one day or 25 years!) Of course, with romantic surroundings like these, the hotel is a perfect venue for weddings! And yes, if I were getting married (or renewing my vows) in Dallas or Houston, this is where Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge would definately be doing it.

Don't think Vegas is slouching in the phenomenal suites department though!! Just take a look at The Palms Hotel & Casino Fantasy Suites, The suites at Wynn, Las Vegas, and the Penthouse at the Hard Rock Hotel is off the hook!!

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