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March 25, 2010

Redefining the "Perfect Wedding"...Again

 Bride Lauren truly enjoying her wedding day with her friends
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My friend and super-fantastic Wedding Planner & Designer, Sasha Souza just recently posted on her blog, Sparkliatti, about making the madness stop when it comes to the "Perfect Wedding" rhetoric & other "catch phrases" that encourage less than gracious behavior. 

Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge wrote about this myself quite a while ago on my blog and I can't think of a better time than now to re-post my views and stand with Sasha, and many other wedding colleague friends on this subject. It IS important!

Here is the post (I made some revisions) from March, 2007.
My good friend, Andy Ebon, who is a marketing specialist for the Wedding Industry, posted on his Wedding Marketing Blog, the problem with using that overly cliched term; "Perfect Wedding" in advertising to brides.

From Andy
"Just for laughs, I ‘Googled’ the phrase "Perfect Wedding". Sadly, it received over 1 million results. That’s a lot of people living in the fantasy land, either believing or creating unrealistic expectations..."

I could not agree with Andy more! And,unfortunately, the majority of those search results are generated by wedding & bridal media propagating the myth. You know who you are! 
I don't like it one bit! It's deceptive because the "Perfect Wedding" is unattainable.

Asking for and expecting perfect brings undue amount of stress and STRESS IS a BEAUTY KILLER! Look at the faces of those "Bridezillas" who expected perfect on their wedding. They will have to endure the results with images of their tired, sour, sad, mad faces when they could have been joyous and glowing, knowing their day was not about "perfect" but happiness in confirming their life together with the person they love the most.

I never use the term "Perfect Wedding" in conversation with brides or in my literature. If you tell me that is what you want, truthfully, I may not be the planner you are looking for. I am a very accomplished wedding planning professional but I can not and will not promise you a "Perfect Wedding".

But, I will promise you this. If you allow yourself to relax, trust in yourself, in the tasteful details you choose and wedding professionals you hired (with the guidance of your wedding planner), you will find it much more enjoyable to go through the entire wedding journey, the wedding itself and the next day when your new life going forth together with your partner begins.

And down the road, those special little unplanned, spontaneous and surprise moments of your wedding day; the ones that made you laugh and cry and smile, are what you will always remember as being "Perfect"!

Celebrate Your Day with LOVE, LIFE & Style.


Andy Ebon said...

Thanks for referencing my remarks.

I'm quite in synch with Sasha and you, on this.


Amberdawn said...

I agree, I'm not looking for the perfect wedding. I've got my pretty dress, I want pretty flowers, yummy food, and good music, but I know things won't all go as planned or look like a magazine. And that's okay :)