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April 19, 2007

Make the Most of Your Toasts

Today's post on toasts (yes, I did that on purpose), comes courtesy of my good friend Mark Kingsdorf of the Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultants in Philadelphia.

I actually have personal experience with this. When you come from a big family, it seems the toasts go on forever, and ever. Yes, we are all thrilled for the happy couple but we would rather show our happiness with you out on the dance floor enjoying ourselves than fidgeting in our seats as the speeches linger on and on. After a while, one can't remember any of the toasts (including the great ones) and that is a shame.
Here is Mark's post. Please enjoy and take note...
"Here are some really great things I have learned about wedding toasts:

After accounting for the introduction, first dance, blessing, toasts (2- short ones), dinner, parent dances, and cake cutting….the average 4 hour reception has enough time left for approximately 24-25 songs at 4.5minutes average.

This means that if you have a long winded best man/ maid of honor who goes on for 20 minutes? (-minus 2 songs).

Are all of the bridesmaids speaking …like maybe four or five of them at 5 minutes each?(- minus 2 songs).

Add in Mom and Dad and maybe his Mom and Dad? (- 2 more songs).

Bridal party dance? ( - minus 1).

Bouquet and garter tosses? (-2 more) …unless you have to wait to get the ladies drug onto the floor then minus 3….

Right now we’re down to about 16 songs…. What happened to the party?Can you pick the 15 songs you really want the band to play?

Here are a few thing to consider….

• Limit toasts to a brief welcome by the parents and short toast by the best man and maid of honor (together if they can).

• The rehearsal dinner is a smaller more intimate; less formal place for all of those close to you to say something special… there’s plenty of time.

• Is having a bridal party dance something your bridal party will enjoy or is it something they so out of obligation?

• Have the bridal bouquet toss and garter gone the way of the dinosaur? Are they really that much fun? Or, are guests feeling more embarrassed?"
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