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May 3, 2007

Is there a Wedding Planner in the house?

In this wonderful world of weddings I live in, one just never knows when and where they will be called upon to answer a question about weddings and wedding planning.

Sometimes I feel like I am in the middle of a movie or tv show where someone will say, "Is there a doctor in the house" or when I am introduced to someone as being a Wedding Consultant, someone will ask me an etiquette quesstion or "where can I find so and so". Now I do know how doctors feel! But, I must confess, I LOVE IT when they ask, because then...I get to answer!!

This evening I had the pleasure of attending the Spring 2007 Graduation Ceremonies for The International School of Hospitality where I am an Instructor for the "Wedding Coordination and Design Certification Program". At the reception, I had the pleasure of meeting so many interesting people and one lovely couple I was introduced to by one of the school administrators had many questions for me when they discovered I was a wedding consultant.

"So, I am attending a wedding in Germany where I am going to be the best man and I need to wear a variety of formal suits including a very formal day suit and what is that called? Where do I find something like that and do I have to buy it or can I rent it even for going overseas?".
A: The style of mens' formalwear for a daytime wedding is a "morning coat" or "cutaway coat" and is not worn after sundown. And yes, you can both buy and rent this style and any tuxedo style whether you are the Groom, groomsman or proud father. Here in Las Vegas, I reccomend Tuxedo Junction for the very best in service. Ask for Mikka!

and a little further in to the conversation...

"So what are the duties of the best man anyway? I am not sure how much I have to do since the couple is Brittish (bride) and German (my friend the groom) and the wedding is in the UK."
A: Well here a few: Guardian of the wedding bands, act as witness, make the toast at reception. And for more information, visit top UK wedding site Confetti.co.uk.

Who knows where I will be next when someone will say "Is there a Wedding Planner in the House?". Why yes there is, Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge is here and ready to help:)

Have a Stylish Weekend Everyone!

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