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June 17, 2007

Announcing My New Wedding Concierge Bookstore!

Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge is now the proud owner/creator of my very own LVWC branded online bookstore in conjuction with Amazon.com!

I figured this is a much easier way for you to find all those books or movies, music or magazines that I am always talking about and all you have to do is just click on either a link in a post when applicable OR you can just scroll on down south a bit here right on my blog and check out the nifty custom "book cafe" widget I made.

There will be a variety of categories on weddings of course, but I'll try not to be so single visioned and come up with some other good stuff that is all good and worth reading, wathcing or listening to. The home page will always contain 9 hand-picked items of the latest and greatest and the other pages will have a variety of books & resources from Amazon in the chosen categories.

Nice and Easy right? Well, I take care of my diary readers and you are welcome:)!

Enjoy and have a Stylish Day!

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