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June 4, 2007

Mindy Weiss-Celebrity Party Planner Interview on Glam Network

I love the Glam Network! and the "Glam Flash" weekly newsletters they send me. They keep me up to date on everything that is stylish:).

This week, Glam Network interviewed Celebrity Wedding & Party Planner Mindy Weiss to get her advice on how to host a great party and wedding. You can check it out here!

That Mindy is a smart lady as she agrees with everything that I reccomend as well!! No seriously:) When asked what is the one thing couples should never skimp on for the wedding, Mindy replies "Good Photography". See, she agrees with me!! I would have also said a good wedding videographer within your budget as well. To me, the two go hand in hand as there are many moments that, as great as photography as, can never capture that emotional toast from your father or grandfather, the thrill of dancing your first dance which you spent endless weekends rehearsing or hearing yourselves saying "I Do" again:) with photography.

Her answer to best planning tip?..."Figure out cost of food and beverage first". Right answer Mindy:) Since your food and beverage costs (plus service charge and tax calculated on both) is 50% of your wedding budget, ensure that your budget covers for the number of guests you plan to invite and not the number you HOPE will show up. If you plan to invite 100 guests, you should budget for 100 guests up front and continue planning the rest of your budget from there. Great News-If you wind up having less guests, then you can use that extra money to upgrade certain elements later (or pocket it for your honeymoon!)

And finally, they asked Mindy what is the number 1 thing couples should remember when planning their wedding? Mindy said "compromise".

I agree with Mindy to a certain extent-Yes, understand that you and your groom, your families and his all have expectations and, as much as this is "your day", it is a day that is a celebration of the two of you and a day of pride for your families too. If some portion of the wedding day is paid for by family, there will be compromise. It's a good exercise to practice now during the engagement period for the rest of your marriage, believe me!!!:) "Pick your battles" as they say and learn to recognize what is most important to you and what you are and are not willing to compromise on when it comes to dealing with family and with your wedding professionals.

And my best piece of wedding advice that I'm sure any planner, celebrity or otherwise would agree...ENJOY the experience. Yes, it's a whirlwind of activity and decisions, etc. but it does go by so fast. Hire a great and responsible planner who meets your budget, expectations and who you feel you can trust to plan and direct your wedding day according to your vision and make you feel comfortable, and then enjoy the ride:)!!

Have a Stylish Day!

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