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December 19, 2007

The Wedding Concierge's Parents Visit Las Vegas

My parents are visiting me from Toronto this week so while you are reading this, I have kind of cleared most of my schedule and am off playing Las Vegas Concierge/travel companion to spend as much time as possible with them (I only get to see them about every 4-6 months).

While I was getting ready for their arrival, I was thinking about them and how they raised me with all the good values and the right warnings about life of course, but also how the characteristics they each passed onto me has influenced my profession as a Wedding Consultant...what did I get from them that makes me love what I do so well to be Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge?

My Mother: My mother has an amazing sense of Style!! She has beautifully decorated two homes (the home I grew up in was featured in a local interior design article) that managed to feel like homes and not like museums. She has been the defacto wedding planner/designer for many of her friends children's Bar Mitzvah Parties and Weddings, their unofficial interior designer, etc.
She was a major part of co-producing an annual local two-day festival for women in the 80's that included fashion shows, a trade-show, celebrity chefs and lectueres (and even a visit from Brian Mulroney who was campagning for re-election as Prime Minister of Canada).

She is an uber-multi-tasker and manages to have a bunch of "balls in the air" and never gets phased if one drops temporarily. She has a truly loving heart and tells it like it is and always taught me to be gracious and send "lovely notes" to everyone that did something nice for me (gifts, stay-overs, etc.). These are just some of the things my mother gave to me.

My Father-One of the hardest working people I know who's career is so integral to his life. Yes, he kvetches (complains) but I know that he identifies so strongly with it, it's a part of him, like Wedding Planning is so much a part of me!

I must say, I am my father's daughter (my husband even jokingly calls me by my dad's name when I get in that zone), in the sense that we both have OCD when it comes to being punctual, being neat, organized, careful, staying on top of tasks to be done and thinking things to their logical conclusion and the consequences of not following through... I can hear him now asking me "did you take care of it..?" THAT most important aspect of what I do as a Wedding Consultant-timelines, layouts, figuring out the best way to put it all the puzzle pieces together (actually, it's my brother who is the puzzle wizard in our family). Following through and keeping my word as best as I possibly can and earning one's trust and being loyal..these are just some of the things my father gave to me.

When I became a Wedding Consultant 6 years ago, all the characteristics and all the life lessons and values I was instilled with from my parents finally found their place inside me to make me what I am today...Tracey Kumer-Moore, JWIC..Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge Wedding Consultant. I guess I call on my parents every day in some way every time I work with a couple to ensure their planning experience with me is a positive one and their wedding is a beautiful and memorable day...for all the right reasons!

I hope you are having a Stylish week and I will check in soon!

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