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January 14, 2008

Imagine Seeing Your Wedding Video on This? WOW!

Get a load of this incredible Panasonic 150" full HD Plasma Television, would you? It is the largest High Defintion plasma display in the world!

I had the chance to see it up close and personal when I snagged a pass to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas last week.

Now, I know that if any grooms or guys are reading this, your tongues are hanging out too. I honestly think a lot of guys who were there or saw this in the news were thinking how to find a way to pay and renovate their home to fit this in. I can hear it now; "So we just remove the kitchen-we can order in & most of the bedrooms...just need a couple of recliners and big fridge!" Ok, maybe I'm generalizing a bit guys:)! Sorry about that.

But seriously, now just think about how incredible YOUR wedding video could look on a screen like that! WOW!! Every beautiful image, BIGGER THAN LIFE!

I realize most people won't ever be able to personally enjoy something like this, BUT a decent, good quality High Definition Plasma or LCD display is definately within most people's reach these days and in a size like 23-65", they are just made for enjoying your beautiful wedding memories in your home.

To take advantage of this, most professional videographers now offer coverage in High Definition, or "HD" format which truly takes your wedding video to a whole new level with Hollywood style production values and quality that will be something you will want to watch over and over! What truly talented videographers create on film now is absolutely extraordinary from vintage to over the top music video style.

To get just a sense of what I mean, please visit the newly launched site of wedding cinematographer extraordinare, Joshua Smith from Cinematic Bride. Joshua's work literally takes my breath away; it is absolutely gorgeous in every sense of the word. His full on "HD Theatre" gallery is "Coming Soon", but until then you can enjoy the movies in the "Theatre". I promise, you will be amazed & inspired.

Your wedding video is such an important part of your wedding budget!! It truly is the one element of your wedding that captures ALL of the imagery, sounds & emotion of your wedding celebration as a "living, breathing" document for yourselves, your parents, grandparents and your own future generations.

If you haven't hired your wedding videographer yet, what are you waiting for?!! You can find many talented, creative and professional videographers who can tell you all about HD Wedding Video and anything and everything else you need to know about getting the very best videography for your style and budget. Check out the websites of the Wedding & Event Videographer's Association (WEVA) and The 4Ever Group which are the leading international associations for professional wedding and event videographers.

So now depending on who is reading this, you have the perfect sales tool to convince your fiance on why you should buy that big screen HD TV (sports & weddings). You can tell them it was Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge's brilliant idea. I'm happy to help:)

Don't forget to stop at the TV store on your way back home from booking your wedding videographer and be prepared to sit back and enjoy YOUR show!

Have a Stylish Day!!

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