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April 29, 2008

Floral Preservation Art Worth Holding on to Your Bouquet For!

I found these incredibly beautiful works of art and this wonderful floral preservation idea on the "Style Report" of Luxurious Wedding!

I seriously would put this artwork in the above picture right above my bed. It is just stunning!

The artist, Missy Cannon who has a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from University of Southwestern Louisiana, started her company, Flowers Into Paintings to fuse "Original Art with Nature" to preserve memories of her grandmother using the flowers from her funeral.

With her creative talents and much research on flower preservation, she turned the flowers into a beautiful painting that make the flowers "take on a new life" she says.

I can understand why the "Style Report" editors were so excited!

These beautiful paintings truly preserve the integrity of one form of art (the art of your floral designer and their creation of your beautiful bouquet) to respectfully evolve into another form of art which will be not only a cherished memory but also truly interesting; a worthwhile investment to place on your wall that is a pleasure to look at.

I know this will definitely appeal to you, my readers, who are brides and people with a real sense of Style!!!

I encourage you to visit Missy's website and browse the galleries. You will truly be blown away by her work. Much of the work you see was created with flowers from real weddings, anniveraries, etc.

I certainly was inspired; so much so that I have every intention of commissioning one of Missy's paintings when I turn my 10 year anniversary vow renewal bouquet over to her. I only have to wait until 2011!

Definitely consider "Flowers Into Painting's" work if you are looking for a unique and beautiful rememberance of your beautiful day and your beautiful bouquet!


Ashley said...

those are gorgeous! what a great idea!!

Green Orchid Events said...

Wow, finally! Traditional floral preservation just doesn't do it for me or for most people. I wish they were around when I got married but my first thought was the same as yours - 10 year vow renewal - only 8 year to go!