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September 15, 2008

Wedding Seating Charts Get Creative in Replacing "the place card".

Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge is loving wedding seating charts these days! 

I find myself scouring the internet for all kinds of examples but there are just so many kinds; from elegant to funky, ecru to the wildest colors and beyond, simple table plan to including wedding party, the reception menu, quotes and beyond. 

One of my favorite sites I have found with some really pretty & creative ones is my new friend in Detroit, Tiffany Wunschl of Gourmet Invitations. All the work on her beautiful invitations and paper products are of great and unique quality and I love how she incorporates all the pieces such as the seating chart together. Check out her gallery on her website.

There are many advantages to using a seating chart over place cards even though you still do have to do your home work to create the initial seating plan.

1. Eliminate the tedious and painstaking and time consuming job of writing everyone's name on little 3x5 cards.
2. Save some "green" by not having to buy special place card holders.
3. Go "green" and again, save some green by incorporating your reception menu into the seating chart instead of creating menus for every place setting.
4. Your custom seating chart, can be custom framed and be a wonderful memento of your wedding as most are created in sizes at least 16"x20" and will stay in perfect shape all night long (unlike place cards).
5. You may save money on linen & additional floral & decor by not having to decorate a place card table.
6. You can get much more creative with your design, your font, colors as well as opting for a photo chart, interesting backgrounds etc. that you couldn't dream of with place cards.
7. Generally, seating charts are easier for guests to see as well. Instead of squinting and bending to locate their card, guests can comfortably find their name.

Another company I have enjoyed working with is Documents and Designs who also create very stylish wedding seating charts as well in addition to other wedding ceremony & reception stationery items (programs, place cards, table holders, etc.). They have some very elegant designs, monogram styles, flourishes, florals and more and you can customize anything you can dream up as well. 

Have a Stylish Day.


Green Orchid Events said...

I love seating charts. They also make great keepsakes!!

Elizabeth said...

this is so totally awesome! I love this idea.