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October 26, 2008

Wedding Planning & the Economy-A Little Advice Goes a Long Way!

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With the economy being the way it is these days, couples that are in the midst of planning or just starting to plan a wedding are certainly re-thinking a lot of things and how they will proceed and plan and manage to make their vision happen with less. Some couples or families who are blessed to have the funds for a big budget wedding are also reconsidering some elements out of concern that they would be perceived as uncaring while others are suffering. Then again, some other bride's are throwing all caution to the wind in favor of having "their day"; sagging economy and shrinking pocket book be damned.

I found these interesting comments on one of my favorite wedding industry websites, "The Weddex Blog" by Rebecca Grinnals of Engaging Concepts in her most recent post on a New York Times article about all this.

I believe there are going to be a lot of couples who are going to approach the planning and dealing with the expenses by "using a hatchet instead of a scalpel" as our Democratic Presidential Candidate" was quoted as saying in the first debate in referring to spending cuts. (This is not to be taken as a public endorsement of the candidate by any means but I just like the analogy).

This concerns Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge because I fear that many couples will be making uneducated cuts or taken advantage of in trying to go cheap (I HATE THAT WORD) to make their budget. 

This isn't a good approach in the best of times and I fear it will be a common problem in the future so here is what I suggest. I bet you will never guess what I am going to say?

If you thought I would say "Hire a Professional Wedding Consultant", you are 100% right!

So why on earth would you spend money in hiring a Wedding Consultant right now when every penny counts? Because a professional wedding consultant understands just that. 

I understand that not all of  you are in the position to afford a planner for wedding day direction or full planning services, but for a small investment and a few hours of time, I (or any professional wedding consultant in your area) can help you avoid costly mistakes by...
  • Giving you suggestions on how to best prioritize the very precious dollars you have to spend.
  • Guiding you to the most talented, ethical and responsible wedding professionals I know and trust to take good care of you and make sure you get the very best service and/or product possible for your money (whether I am part of  your wedding day or not).
  • Time is money and a 2 hour consultation can put you on the right track to finding the good and trusted resources quickly so you can get tasks taken care of sooner; get back to your important job and not be stressed out (we have enough to stress about right now for heavens' sake!).
My consultation services are available at any time during the planning process so never fear that it is too late to ask for some advice. I will be happy to work with you on an hourly basis as well based on your needs. And, you can always reach me here online and comment or ask me a question here in my Diary. 

The economy is taking us for a wild, gut wrenching ride right now. Weddings should be a bright spot in our lives to enjoy the loving relationships that help get us through all this madness. I am here for you to make sure you stay in the car with your seatbelt buckled and help you get to the church on time with your sanity and pocket book still in your pocket.

Have a Stylish Day!

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