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February 19, 2009

"Bedazzle My Bonbons": Delicious, Dazzling, Memorable Wedding Idea!

Bring on the Glitter & Bedazzle my Bonbons!

Gorgeous, delicious (they really are & my hips don't lie), dazzling gourmet chocolate truffles that really make a statement are another fabulous find I wanted to share with you to notch up your wedding style in Style!!

"You eat the entire ball, glitter and all" as they say on their website.

Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge LOVES them. THESE ARE SOOOO VEGAS, BABY!

Great thing about these really delicious high quality bon bons is that they make a great Style impact  by glamming up your reception dessert presentation or a signature drink (as these images show) or as a final glittering send off with your guests at a very reasonable cost! 

Check them out! With so many fun colors to choose from you can have a great time customizing to your color palette. I LOVE the bedazzled chocolate lollipops too!

I think these would be so much fun at a holiday wedding-and have a "Bedazzling Bon Bon Chocolate Christmas Tree" where guests would enjoy picking the jeweled ornament-like chocolates off the tree. Haven't figured out yet how to hang them...but I will! 

I remember the reaction of all in attendance at an ISES Las Vegas event held here last March where I saw them the first time and we all had so much fun with them (including making pink sparkly lip gloss from the coating). I saw them again at The Special Event Show again this year. 

But, point is, if you can bring elements into your wedding that evoke positive memories for you and your guests a YEAR later, then you definitely will have planned and invested well in a successful event. 


.elle denise. said...

me likey!

Tina said...

FAB! Wow..those gourmet chocolates look so fantastic that you don't want to eat them. Great wedding favors for guests they'll surely enjoy.