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March 6, 2009

Daylight Savings Time PSA: Spring Your Clocks Forward 1 Hour Sunday March 8!

Set Your Clocks Forward 1 Hour Saturday night March 7th.
 © Judith Wagner/zefa/Corbis

One of the signs that spring is happily just around the corner is when Daylight Savings Time 
kicks in and we set our clocks to "spring forward" 1 hour. We lose an hour of sleep but we get
an extra hour of sunshine!

Daylight Savings time begins at 12:00 am March 8, so Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge 
would like to offer this Public Service Announcement:

Please make sure to set ALL your clocks and watches 1 hour ahead before going to bed Saturday night. 

And when I say make sure you set ALL your clocks and watches, I am 
calling out to all you Sunday March 8th brides!

If you are working with a professional Wedding Consultant, they will most certainly be 
reminding you, your wedding party, your venue and all event professionals when 
confirming timelines of the time change so everyone will get to the chapel on time!

If you are not working with a wedding consultant, please make sure that you remind 
EVERYONE (your groom, parents, wedding party, guests and your wedding professionals)
to ensure your wedding day springs into action as planned and the events flow smoothly so you can avoid
being the bride waiting at the chapel like in the picture above!!

Once you do, you can relax and bask in the extra hour of sunshine on your wedding 
day this weekend.

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