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July 23, 2010

For Love or Money? Plan Properly to Opt for Former!

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I don't care too much for money, 'cause money can't by me Love"-The Beatles!!

But money does make your celebration of Love and Marriage possible so it is important to make sure your budget is in shape (from the very beginning) and all your money matters pertaining to the wedding day BEFORE the wedding day. Your wedding day is the time to be indulging in the love of your friends, family, enjoying being pampered as you look forward to that very special moment of saying your vows with your future husband and then basking in LOVE, LIFE and FUN and having a great time.
Your wedding day is not the day to be worrying about whether your florist or DJ or venue or caterer is paid. On top of that, it is perfectly acceptable and appreciated for you to show your sincere appreciation for your wedding professionals who put their LOVE of their craft into your wedding day and offer them a gratuity or (tip) for service that you feel went above and beyond.

Please note that "gratuity" is not considered the same as "service charge" (which is a percentage, generally anywhere from 19%-23% in Las Vegas, of the catering bill for food, beverage and labor like additional bartenders or personal chef attendants at food stations). But do you really need to be flaunting money or bills (or even be concerned about it) on your wedding day? Do you need to be concerned that your beautiful bridal clutch is full of envelopes or your new husband's tuxedo's pocket is bulging from a wallet stuffed with bills. Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge thinks not. That is neither attractive or secure.
My wedding photographer/wedding journalist friends and colleagues from Write Shot blogged about this exact topic recently and they were kind enough to include some of my tips (pun intended) about tipping wedding professionals on your wedding day.
  • Recommendation 1: Pre-pay all your vendors fully at least 15 days prior the wedding. That way, checks and credit card payments can clear their accounts prior to your wedding.
  • Recommendation 2: Calculate and distribute cash tips ahead of time for creative partners. Place cash tips in sealed envelopes with each recipient’s name clearly printed on the front. Give these envelopes to your planner or your maid of honor to distribute on your wedding day.
*I love these luxury, customized thank-you gratuity notes created by Mimio Papers with wedding planner Mary Dann. Presenting your wedding pros in this way truly shows graciousness and appreciation with STYLE!
  • Recommendation 3: Confused about tipping? Creative partners (these are professionals, not "vendors") who own the business do not necessarily have to be tipped on the wedding day. Their assistants and associates should be. If you would like to tip a creative partner who owns the business, send a gift and thank you note, post-wedding. Always include a personal testimonial sharing how much you appreciate what that person did for you.
Also, please do ask your wedding planner (or your caterer or venue) about the accepted amount to tip wedding creative partners whether your wedding is in your home town or ESPECIALLY if you are planning a destination wedding celebration. Every city and every country has different tipping customs and expectations.

Finally, don't forget to allow to budget for the extra tips for those valets, the bell men/women who help you with your bags, your gown, all your favors and wedding personal items and get them up to your room and to your venue safely. Here is a general tipping guide from Vegas.com while you are visiting us be it for your wedding, a friends or just because it's VEGAS!

You can read the entire blog post here. Thank you Natasha & Chris!!
Do you have any questions about tipping, gratuities regarding a Las Vegas wedding? Feel free to comment and ask your question right here on the blog.

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