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July 7, 2010

The "OG's"-Beautiful Example of Celebrating a Lifetime of Love

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Yesterday, Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge was watching the Today Show and caught this segment about Barbara and Harry Cooper, also known as "The OG's (Original Grandparents)."

Barbara (93) and Harry Cooper (98) have been sweethearts since their eyes met on an LA tennis court in 1937 and have been married for 72 years. They are still "Crazy in Love" with one another!

They still kiss (all the time), go out for chocolate sundae dates, to the movies and they have their own website that they began as a way to entertain and educate their grandchildren. Sure enough, that took off to where they are now internet stars being documented by their grand-daughters and they have their own song.

This story, and when I reflect back on my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary a few years ago, it brings home the true meaning of the wedding vows that I am honored to be a part of hearing at my clients' weddings. They are important words, they mean something. They represent the beginning of sharing a lifetime with another human being built on love, mutual respect for one another (and their loved ones).

The vows you say to one another on your wedding day may seem to come quite easily surrounded by pretty flowers and a great party. But I do encourage you (as your clergy will in your ceremony) to really grasp the meaning of the words you speak to each other as you say them.

Living those vows, through the days, the years and the decades; "through thick and thin, in sickness and in health" and all the other things life throws our way is not easy.

"Cutie & Pop Pop" as Barbara and Harry are called, Ben and Sylvia Weinstock who I had the pleasure to see spin on the dance floor at Engage '09 Encore, my parents and some of the 29 couples I had the honor of coordinating the renewal of their vows at the Beth Sholom Wedding Gala last month (that event to be blogged soon) know their meaning.

Whether you are celebrating your wedding this week, this year or celebrating your first, 10th, 25th, 50th or 72nd, wedding anniversary, I wish for all of you a lifetime together that is as wonderful and filled with the same passion and love and spirit as this special couple exemplifies.

(And yes, I cried when I watched this).

May you celebrate today and every day with Love, Life & Style!!

A few more links for Barbara and Harry: Read a fun interview with them at SHALOM LIFE.com and you can follow them on Facebook too!

Do you have any stories about your parents or grandparents and a long lasting marriage that are inspiring your wedding vows? I would love to hear them. Please leave a comment and say hello.

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