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August 7, 2010

The Jewish View of Marriage

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For another, entirely personal reason, Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge was browsing the website of Aish.com. Aish.com has become the world's largest Jewish content website. Their goal is to give every Jewish person the opportunity to discover their heritage in an atmosphere of open inquiry and mutual respect.

I happened to come across an article by a Rabbi Dan Silverman entitled "The Jewish View of Marriage".

As a Wedding Planner (and a Jewish one at that), this article spoke to me because it's not about the Jewish view of planning a wedding (although there are many books about that including a great one called "The New Jewish Wedding Wedding" by Anita Diamant).

To me, this article is about what marriage is about and how to try and live those ideals together with "your chosen one". It's about what the goals of marriage really are; sharing love, living and supporting your goals together and having a common destination. With that right person, even with ups and downs, Life together IS a beautiful journey and every year of marriage a noble destination.

Whether you are Jewish or not, I feel the lessons are very universal so I hope you take what inspires you from this article and some of the other posts you may find useful from this website on dating and love and marriage.

This is one excerpt that I particularly love (as I come upon 10 years of marriage).

"Which brings us to a shocker: True love comes after marriage. The Torah says that Isaac took Rebecca into his tent and he loved her (Genesis 24:67). Love should grow continuously as your appreciation of your spouse grows.

A friend of mine was sitting with his father and said to him, "Dad, after five years of marriage, I think I finally understand what love is."

The father said, "Wait till you're married 25 years, then you'll understand what love is."

The grandfather was also in the room and overheard this exchange. He told them: "Wait till you're married 50 years. Then you'll really understand what love is."

Celebrate Today and Every Day with Love, Life & Style (and with those you Love)!

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Melissa said...

What wonderful inspirational words. It is true that love continues to grow and change form as you live your lives together.