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September 13, 2010

A Gift of Love & Life Video You MUST See-To Life!

"To Life:: Vanessa's Wedding Surprise" from her husband, father, family & friends.
Created by Films by Francesco, New York | Palm Beach

Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge absolutely LOVES this wedding video that my dear friend Ellen sent me from You Tube.

An original, touching surprise involving the entire wedding party and parents and their true gift of love, joy and for celebrating Life and family with STYLE!

Of course, many of you know this song, "To Life, L'Chaim" from "Fiddler on the Roof" (one of my all-time favorite films). As the song says, "It takes a wedding to make us say, let's live another day...."

I could not agree more. It really does take a wedding celebration or any special occassion ("simcha") to make us realize what blessings we have in this life, even when things are not always so great.

For comparison, here is a
You Tube video of the song and scene from the movie. I think you will all agree with me, they ALL did a fabulous job!!

I couldn't help smiling and singing and clapping during this wonderful tribute to family, new family and to the beautiful bride, Vanessa. This just makes you (well me for sure), feel so good.

To the bride and groom, the parents, wedding party and family and friends, what a beautiful memory you created for yourselves and congratulations to Films by Francesco for preserving it in such a fun and touching way.

MAZAL TOV and may you all (and all my readers) celebrate Love and Life Today and Every Day.
To Life, L'Chaim!!


ivory bridal shoes said...

Loved the wedding pictures. They look awesome, and made me nostalgic. I fumbled through the memories of my elder sister's wedding, when I had such fun.

Diamond Rings said...

Lovely video, so real. A song has a great ability to draw on emotion and allow you remember fond memories. This brought back so many fond memories. Really beautiful.