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December 7, 2010

Featured Wedding: Tameca and Chandra | 10.10.10

Image by: Write Shot
Dear Tameca and Chandra,

I am pleased and honored to feature your beautiful "Celebration of Love and Life" on my blog.

From the moment I first spoke with both of you, I admired your story, your style (in every sense of the word), passion for life, your relationship with your families and friends and dedication to your community. Most of all, I admired, and still do, your love for each other.

As you look at these photos, I hope you remember with a smile, as I do, the highlights of your day.

There are so many moments that I recall that touched me. I have only room to list a few here, including . . .

Hanging with the two of you and your dearest friends in your surprise Wynn, Las Vegas Tower Suites (so cool!) and watching you transform into beautiful brides. Tameca, your first hesitant "mermaid" steps in your gown and Chandra, how you radiated confidence in your suit and complimented Tameca so well.

Experiencing your ceremony; the candlelight, the warmth and the poetry you selected that so encapsulates your relationship.

Watching you both on the dance floor surrounded by the love of your family and friends, having the time of your lives and enjoying the sweetness of the day. Oh, sweetness!! Did I mention ALL all the amazing desserts and 2 cakes including, your Vegas Vegan masterpiece?;)

I wish you both a lifetime together filled with good health and good fortune so you can keep doing the good you do for others, with lots of laughter, lots of joy and most of all....LOTS OF LOVE!

With Love,

Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge wishes to thank the Creative Wedding Team for all your talent, creativity and dedication and making this experience so wonderful for Tameca and Chandra.
Celebrate Today and Everyday with Love, Life and Style!!


Natasha said...

What a great way to post about one of your clients. I bet they are on cloud 9 now! A real peek into the day, rather than the overused "perfect,perfect,perfect!"

Tracey Kumer-Moore said...

Thanks Natasha for your comments and always encouraging me to try something new! Of course this post wouldn't be as cool without the great slide show of the great photography from you and Chris! I enjoy watching this so much. It makes me happy every time.