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February 6, 2007

Getting to Know Me-Getting to Know You

And so it begins... 2007 is the year I step into the blogosphere!

Thank you for joining me on my maiden voyage into the wonderful and wild world of internet blogging. I'm not all that fond of the word "blog" so I'm choosing to invite you to share in my "diary" instead. It sounds a bit more stylish and makes me think of friends gathering together to read some really juicy stuff!!!
The fabulous image of Las Vegas Boulevard you see here was taken by my friend Lorenz Crespo of LorenzFoto from the HOB Foundation Room at the top of Mandalay Bay. What a thrilling site and it truly is a thrill to be a wedding planner in this amazing city! Las Vegas has so much to offer and SO MUCH STYLE!!
I look forward to sharing my "diary" with you and I'll do my best to post as often as possible. Whether it is to highlight a wedding & a special couple's day, share my thoughts on valuable wedding planning advice or the advice of many of my fellow wedding professionals, I hope you will enjoy reading.
I can't wait to share cool new wedding trends and ideas that I think you should know about, great decor, new ideas for your special day from music to photography to video. I love lists so look for "Tracey's Top 10" on a wide variety of subjects.
Of course, all work and no play is just no fun so I'll be sure to post "fun" items from new shiny techno-gadgets to totally cool things to adorn your self, your man and your home. Not to mention the best places to travel to, dine at and shop (of course, many of these are right here in Vegas!!)
Now, for the "getting to know you part"...Please feel free to jump in and comment on my posts , say "hi' and share any questions or ideas you have.
This is going to be fun!!

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