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February 7, 2007

Oh "Domino"!

I came across an issue of domino magazine today at the hair salon (got pretty and got introduced to a potential client by my hair stylist all in one day!!) It's a triple play!

It is billed as "The Guide to Living with Style"! Well, you know I am all about style so I delve in and...I love "domino"!!

Fabulous ideas for home decor and great ideas that also translate into wedding decor ideas, favors, menus, you name it!

The magazine is published by Conde Naste (who also publish Brides', Modern Bride & Elegant Bride) so there is some cross advertising on "domino's" website at www.dominomag.com.

The website is chock full of information including a "click & buy" section so that you can buy practically anything that you see in the pages of the magazine if there is an online way to purchase it. I think I hear my credit cards wimpering!

Their subscription is a steal at $10.00 for a year of issues including 2 free preview issues (it's actually 10 in total). What a bargain at $1.00/piece!
Just one more magazine for dear old postman to deliver! That USPS guy gets a heck of a work out with all the bridal & event magazines I buy. Heck, it's good for him and good for me...and in turn, good for you because YOU will reap the rich rewards of all these great ideas I am gathering, right?

Take a peek at domino magazine on your next trip to the book store!

Have a stylish day!

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