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February 23, 2007

Shiny & New-I've got my eye on you

So, I have Spring Technology Fever again! I get it every year when I start eyeing all those shiny new computers, TV's, software, smartphones, pda's, iPods, etc. I would be a wreck if I ever got my hands on a ticket to the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas in January!
Well, here is what I am coveting this year!
This new Sony VAIO All-in-One desktop computer is gorgeous (I played with it already and I am taking you home soon baby) and definately gives the iMAC a run for it's money with it's sleek style. Check it out at www.sonystyle.com or Sony Stores.

The new Moto-Q smartphone with the new version of Windows Mobile 6 that has all kinds of fun new features and it's so nice and thin! www.Motorola.com or do I go for the new Blackberry 8800, www.blackberry.com ? Oh, decisions, decisions!
These smart phones and others like them such as the BlackJack from Samsung and the new Palm phones 680 and 750 (for windows) are this Wedding Planner's best friend for organizing my day, easy access to all my vendors and clients and e-mail and text messaging while out of the office.

They are fast becoming a bride's best friend too and making it easier than ever to plan your wedding, work and have a life (yes, you CAN have it all!)

And of course, being a techno-junkie (and a girl who loves to be stylish), I just love checking out Shiny, Shiny-A Girl's Guide to Gadgets & Techie Diva's Guide to Gadgets. These blogs keep me up on all the latest and greatest techno-gadgets, accessories and news with us ladies in mind.

Some fun blogs and websites to check out for wedding, shopping, beauty and all around female fabulousness. Enjoy..
Bridal Wave -"Frocks, shoes, food & booze, helping you say I do"
Glam Network-The fastest growing network dedicated to women, our fashion & lifestyle!
Splendora-"The Authority on Fabulous" has versions for San Francisco, L.A. & N.Y.C. with bridal sections featuring bridal events, news and links to top vendors in these markets.

Don't forget the Academy Awards are being broadcast this Sunday, February 28 on ABC. I'm rooting for you J-Hud!! Host a stylish Oscar party, pop the bubbly and watch the stars shine! You can read all about the oscars & see the nominees at www.oscar.com

Have a Stylish Weekend!

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