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March 15, 2007

Cool Ideas & Sweet Sendoffs-Grown Up!

I just love the internet and blogging! It truly is amazing what I found out there in the world!
It's March and Las Vegas is already enjoying weather in the mid 80's:)! So I am thinking about all the fun and cool (literally) new twists on candy bars and personalized sweet tables for the warm weather ahead.
As if someone was reading my mind, one of my favorite "great ideas" newsletters I subscribe to drops this in my lap. ICE CREAM TRUCKS FOR GROWN UPS!!

Yes, you heard me!! Tricked out ice cream trucks and vans stocked full of yummy ice creams with grown up tastes that are making their way across the streets of L.A like "Hearts Challenger" , a speciality truck stocked with international ice cream, candy and toys, Hearts Challenger is available for private events and birthday parties in Los Angeles and will soon be headed towards NYC!

The next one is actually based in England and called "Scoops"! You can see more info on them on a blog called "The Cool Hunter"! "Scoop" girls in sassy outfits serve from this adorable hot pink & black van (the black paint is that special blackboard finish you can grafitti on the van!!). They serve real "grown up" ice cream for big kids like vintage marmalade and Turkish Delight in super chic glossy black Chinese takeout boxes with signature wooden spoons.

Although these two companies are not in the Vegas area, doesn't mean some clever Wedding Consultant and her fabulous event designer friends can't make it happen!!

But, if an ice cream van or truck just won't suit your space, some other "cool" ideas for sweet endings and send offs are:
Gelato Cafe in Las Vegas has stores on both the east and west sides of the city and they make the most delicious Italian Gelatos and sorbets in traditional and even ones with liquor!! Say "la Dolce Vita" with a custom Gelato Bar at your event with a Mobile Gelateria. The service includes setup of the gelato bar, staffing, and the unit holds up to 12 different flavors. With the incredible array of flavors & colors, you can customize your gelato bar to your wedding colors!

Finally, ask your caterer if they offer, or could customize, an interactive ice cream station a la Cold Stone Creamery where you could choose 2 or three custom flavors to be mixed with a variety of "mix-ins" like chocolate covered espresso beans, or chunks of macadamia nuts, etc. by chefs as guests "create" their own special desert.

It's fun, it's different, it will make you and your guests smile and all these cool ideas will be a very sweet and fond memory long after the reception.

Enjoy and Have a Stylish Day!!

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