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March 2, 2007

Love for a Lifetime

As a wedding consultant, I am very fortunate to be a part of a very special day in the lives of two people I have known my entire life.

At the heart of every wedding day is a "marriage" between two people, hopefully soulmates, who stand before their family, their friends and often G-d and vow from this day on to love, honor, cherish, respect, comfort, humor and uplift one another for the rest of their lives.
Saying these words are easy on such a beautiful day with all the hope the future will bring. Living these words throughout the days and years and decades, remembering those vows through great years, good years, bad and really bad years is where true love, lasting love and the love for a lifetime can be found.
There are two very special people in my life who I have had the pleasure of knowing my entire life. They knew me before I knew them actually. Everything I am today, is because of their love, support and example of how to live to live a good marriage.

They are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this month. I have been told that after all these years, it has "been worth staying together and yes, we still love each other very much".

I wish them many more years of good health, good luck, happiness and joy, pleasure in their children and grandchildren. I wish them many more years of honoring and cherishing one another, respecting and comforting one another and uplifting and humoring one another. Mostly I wish them many more years of love.

Mazal Tov Mom and Dad on your 50th! I love you very much!! See you soon.

*I'll be back in a week from celebrating a very special anniversary in Toronto! I look forward to catching up with you and a new post on the 12th.

Have a Stylish week!

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Chris Justus said...

Tracey, you're my fave coordinator in Vegas! Keep up the good work!