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March 22, 2007

Great Wedding Video-Having the "Time of Their Life"

My wedding coordinator friend Nikki LaPrudhomme of "Special Occasions by Nikki" in LA, posted this wonderful "last dance" video on her blog that she found on YouTube. It shows a couple who choreographed an incredible performance to "Iv'e had the Time of My Life" from the movie "Dirty Dancing".

You know, that famous dance at the end when Johnny Castle (Patrick Swayze) says "Nobody puts Baby in a Corner" then proceeds to amaze everyone at Kellerman's with their sexy show stopper! I was 24 years old and fell in love instantly with Mr. Swayze (who didn't?) & must have watched that movie and that scene so much I blew through at least 2 copies of the video (blush)!

What a great idea for a last dance and the wedding guests had a blast and got in on the whole ending just like in the movie. It brought a huge smile to my face (and I wasn't even there) and I'm sure they will remember that very special time in their lives as well and enjoy looking back on that video clip for years to come.

With that said, when you plan special moments like these; ones that will be remembered for the images, the sounds and the words, please remember to make room in your wedding budget for a professional videographer. In this day and age of instant video and the role it plays in bringing us together across the miles, I find it so unusual that I have to "sell" the idea of having a wedding video to couples.

Find a a creative and professional videographer with a style you find best and they will create a truly memorable and personalized wedding movie for you. Many of these "wedding movies" have artistic and production values that are Hollywood standard..these are not your parent's wedding videos!!

With memories like the one above, it would be a shame to not capture "The Time of Your Life" at your wedding on video. You can find a professional videographer in your area by visiting the WEVA (Wedding & Event Videographer's Association) website.

Have a Stylish Day!!

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Chris Justus said...

Hey Trace,

Pretty good idea, I love that they actually pulled off the famous "jump and dive" dance move at the end.

Oh, and great use of two camera angles!