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March 23, 2007

Wonderful Grafitti takes wedding personalization "Black Tie"

The wonderful folks at "Wonderful Graffiti" have now added the "Black Tie" collection to their "Wonderful Wedding Graffiti" line of products.

The "Black Tie" line is formal elegance and high STYLE for those elegant tuxedoed affairs. It's a sophisticated way to personalize your wedding (or event) with minimal fuss for your ceremony or reception venue but with a huge visual impact for a very reasonable cost.

The collection includes Easles, glassware decals, waitstaff buttons (makes the servers feel like part of the party), lollipop invitations (very inventive), fabric banners (great for sweetheart table), limousine decals, menus, high quality bathroom towels (nice touch) and much more.

"Wonderful Graffiti is very thin pieces of matte vinyl that look "printed" when applied to most smooth surfaces.Your entire wedding Graffiti design arrives on one sheet of transfer paper. Just tape the transfer paper into place, burnish it down and peel it away. Only the individual letters and graphic elements remain. Wonderful Graffiti removes quickly, and won't harm underlying surfaces."-Wonderful Graffiti Website.

Please assure your ceremony and venue coordinators (don't forget limousine & rental company too) that their walls, dancefloors, rentals, glassware or other surfaces will not be compromised, not to mention that it will make their space look fantastic in pictures too!!

Have a Stylish Weekend!

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