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April 12, 2007

Meeting new clients is so much fun!!

I had the pleasure of meeting Kaylynn, my September bride getting married at the incredible Wynn, Las Vegas Resort this past week.
It is so exciting to meet my clients in person for the first time. This sounds silly but I feel like I'm getting ready for a first date. I wonder what I am going to wear (usually something with my trademark blue), get a bit of the "butterflutteries", and start preparing all the things I am going to ask and say to this very important person who has trusted me with helping her to plan one of the most important and memorable days in her (and her fiance's) life. WOW!
We have talked and emailed and know we are in synch in our visions for her and her fiance's wedding but it was so wonderful to meet in person and feel the connection and know (on both our parts) that we made the right decision.
I showed her a picture of something I thought would be perfect and when she saw it she said..."Oh my gosh Tracey, I was looking through the same magazine and fell in love with the same pictures but didn't buy the magazine".
Throughout a very busy weekend of meetings with the catering and wedding staff, photographers and makeup artists, I got to know this very lovely young woman who has great sense of style, knows what she and her fiance want for their wedding but is open to suggestion knowing that I have their very best interests at heart.
This is going to be such a fun wedding to plan with this great couple. I actually can visualize this event already. Not down to all the details yet, but just imagine it will be a beautiful day that will be remembered as a true celebration of love for each other, their friends and family.
Yes, meeting for the first time is so much fun, but I am looking forward to the months ahead and getting to know you both better with more great meetings and insight along the road to a beautiful wedding day.
Have a Stylish Day!!

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