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June 29, 2007

Making it Happen! It's What I Do-& I LOVE IT!

One of the most rewarding (of many) aspects of my job is when I can make something wonderful happen for my couples that will cause them to break out into "The Happy Dance"!

I'm a firm believer in being very conservative in the initial stages of planning so that you plan your budget, your venue and wedding element options based on how many people you are inviting (which always tends to be more than the actual number of guests that you are hoping will actually attend).

Doing this ensures you are basing your costs on elements & options that you know you can afford until you can be sure of the exact numbers. And then, when the final guest count comes in, is there the room to be flexible and start having some fun (and I love having fun as much as you, trust me!)

Today, as we gear up for an early September wedding, that patience paid off when I was able to re-think a space for a wedding that turned out to to be smaller than anticipated. We cut the ballroom space in half and therefore increased what we could do for my clients with their floral and decor budget (and most likely their food and beverage budget will benefit too if they so choose).

And their reward (and mine) is that they will be able to have 99.9% of everything they envisioned for their wedding for a very STYLISH celebration.

So I was able to make my bride, and groom too of course, do the "Happy Dance" today and I am doing it right along with them in spirit!:)

Making it Happen for my clients is what I can do for you as Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge & wedding planner and why I Love What I Do!

Have a wonderful and Stylish Weekend!

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