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June 28, 2007

When Planning Your Event, Make sure to "Book it Right"

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Some good Wedding Advice from Your Wedding Concierge...
When you are considering booking the venue and package for your reception, don't forget to "Book it Right" as my friend Andy Ebon would say. Andy has been involved in the wedding and event business in a variety of of capacities since 1977 including owning very succesfful mobile DJ entertainment companies, and as a marketing and communications consultant to businesses in the wedding & hospitality industry.

So what does "Booking it Right" mean you ask? It means knowing and booking the correct amount of time for your wedding based on the particular service style, details & amount of ceremonies involved as well as the number of guests so that there is a comfortable flow of events within the time frame.

Not every wedding can be put into the category of a "4 or 5 hour reception package". Sometimes 4 hours is not enough and sometimes 5 hours is too much time.

If you are having a cultural wedding with 300 people serving a 4 course plated meal plus all the traditional & cultural wedding ceremonies & dancing, you should consider extending the event an hour..maybe 2!

On the other hand, that 5 hour reception package you love may be more time than you need for your less formal cocktail party of 75-100 so ask your catering manager if you can have the same package and food options for 4 hours instead?

When you have the proper amount of time for you or your wedding planner to create an effective timeline, it should allow for everyone to mingle, dine, take part in all the traditions and celebrate until their feet hurt and leave happy when the wedding is over.

Your wedding planner, catering manager and entertainment specialist should all be consulted on the best way to "Book it Right" at your event and coordinate an effective timeline for a great and memorable wedding celebration!

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