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October 16, 2007

Tag, I'm it! The Wedding Concierge Takes on the Green Challenge

My friend Mark Kingsdorf, the fabulous Queen of Hearts Wedding Consultant in Philadelphia, PA, has tagged me to take on the "Green Challenge" and list 3 things that I am doing either in my company or home to reduce the impact on the environment & then tag 5 more of my blogger friends to do the same...so here it is...

1) The majority of my marketing materials are distributed in digital format by email in the form of a PDF brochure to minimize paper, printing and ink and is only printed "on-demand" on recycled paper. Furthermore, the bulk of my marketing budget (98%) goes to internet marketing and not print marketing which also promotes using less paper.

2) We conserve energy in our home by using energy efficient lightbulbs throughout, leaving lights off that we are not using, and take advantage of the dry desert air by air drying much of our laundry instead of the dryer.

3) We have installed a filter for our cold water at home so we don't need to purchase cases of bottled water.

So now, it's your turn...

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1 comment:

Eric said...

Love the bottle water reduction idea.

I'm gonna install a filter on my tap this weekend!