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January 31, 2008

Wedding Concierge Talks to Videographers at WEVA Conference!

I had the pleasure and honor to be invited by my friend and fellow NACE member Tim Sudall of Video One Productions in Philadelphia, PA to be part of a panel of wedding industry experts on January 30th for the Wedding & Event Videographer's (WEVA) winter conference here in Las Vegas.
I was on a very illustrious panel including my friends and fellow Las Vegas NACE members, Lisa Lynn Backus, CMP, CPCE Senior Catering Manager at Caesar's Palace , Kathy Baldieri, CPCE, Director of Catering at Lake Las Vegas Resort, Tim Sudall, Alan Berg, VP of Marketing & Advertising for The Knot and Kris Malandruccolo of Elegant Videos by Kris in Chicago, IL!
We had some great questions posed to us by WEVA Chairman, Roy Chapman about how engaged coupoles are now perceiving video in 2008, the value are they placing on it figuratively and literally$$ and what a wedding planner (or catering manager) such as myself also values when they finally give their seal of approval and professional reccomendation to a couple to contact a videographer.
It was a lively debate (which I found out was being audio recorded for the benefit of WEVA worldwide-very cool!). It seemed everyone wanted to question Your Las Vegas Weddng Concierge as a planner and my thoughts on selecting & hiring professional videographers (this goes for all wedding professionals though!!)
I am a #1 fan as long as the work they produce is done with the highest quality and care within the budget and they treat my clients as well as I treat my clients. If the memories of the planning experience and the wedding day are wonderful AND they call you or me asking how to get more copies because they wore out the first DVD, then my friends, "we" did good:)!
I think someone said after one of my answers "I think I love you":) It got a big laugh.
But seriously I am a big supporter of wedding videography!! As a planner, it is in my personal "Top 3" of must have components for your wedding!
Wedding Videography and Cinematography is the only part of your wedding and celebration that truly captures every moment of what you planned for a year for!
Yes, when the floral arrangements have long been composted and the cake has been sitting in the freezer for a year (don't even get me started on that tradition, uggh!! That's a whole other conversation!), you will have your gorgeous photographs and video to remember them by for decades. But, what your photographs can't do is...
  • Capture what was said just before that great photo of the two of you laughing during your ceremony or the laughter itself.
  • Capture the two of you saying "I love you" and "I will" on your wedding day.
  • Let you listen to your grandmother or grandfather tell you how much they love you both.
  • Laugh all over again as you listen to the hilarious toasts that had you and your guests laughing so hard you were crying tears of joy. You know, THAT great picture!
So to my wonderful clients and to my wedding cinematographer friends out there, I look forward to helping you create a beautiful wedding celebration and party and I look forward to having you by my side to ensure each moment is captured beautifully and gloriously in time!

Have a Stylish Day!

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