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January 11, 2008

Wedding Concierge is Crazy for Cupcakes!

Two cakey posts in a row? Yep, but for different reasons. Doesn't matter though. One can never have enough resasons or excuses to treat themselves as far as I'm concerned!!

I recently sent out these fabulous & yummy cupcakes to some local wedding professional friends of mine as a little "thank you" & to wish them a very sweet, successful & stylish 2008!
Pamela Jenkins and her marvelous team (including her mother & her grandmother!) at The Cupcakery in Henderson, NV did an amazing job with "blinging" out these little delights with the Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge signature blue flower from my logo & lots of sparkle that definately had my personality all over them. They were a huge hit & they put a smile on everyones' faces & lips too!

I am definately going to be ordering these logo cupcakes again as a Signature Gift from the Wedding Concierge for brides & wedding friends alike. I know this will be a very popular marketing campaign!

Of course, I knew they would be a hit as The Cupcakery, the trendiest cupcake shop in Vegas, was one of my featured vendors, providing the delightful take-out cupcake favors for the great Vendor Appreciation party I produced for The Knot in 2006.

Photo Credit: Images by Ingrid

I just love cupcakes for weddings, showers, luncheons, or any occassion worth having a party for (or just because it's Wednesday)! They are still very popular with couples. But now, the displays are taken to whole new creative levels arranged on elaborate stacked architectural platforms, as edible artworks or displayed elegantly on fine furniture pieces surrounded by luscious flowers on heirloom silver platters as my planner colleague & friend The Wedding Jeannie in Los Angeles did for an elegant summer 2007 wedding.

Cupcakes are so much more fun to eat & fun to expand a wedding theme by using a variety of different designs based on a central motif like this modern & elegant cupcake/cake display below created by Vanilla Bake Shop in Santa Monica, CA (I LOVE THIS!!). Guests love cupcakes & tend to favor them over a slice of wedding cake for their child-like novelty, portablity to eat & they can enjoy a variety of flavors & frostings. You could serve them along with little milkshakes!

This is a good thing to think about when ordering your wedding cake! Instead of spending your cake budget on a huge cake where only 65% may actually be eaten, you could reduce the size of the cake you actually cut (maybe a 6" or 8" miniature cake) with a cupcake bar! How stylish is that?! And, the money you spent actually went to something that everyone will love. That makes it even better!

And like I did for "The Knot" party, you can also customize your cupcakes with your names & date or initials or logo & box them up "in style" as "to go" treats. Have your wedding planner display them on a "Cupcakes & Coffee Cart" or table designed in your wedding style motif and colors as a sweet & warm memory for your guests.

And if you are a fellow cupcake lover in Toronto Canada where the Wedding Concierge hails from (well, it's Hamilton actually), then I must give a shout-out to my fabulous cousin & best friend Barbara Rotberg, owner of LolliCakes, my favorite cupcake store in...Canada of course:)! Her cupcakes are sooo cute & delicious. They are called "Lollicakes" because they have a chocolate lollipop inserted into the cupcakes. Of course "Lollicakes" are a big hit for parties, weddings, birthdays, holidays, etc. They are also made in a "tree nut & peanut free" & Kosher facility! If you ever find yourself on Mt. Pleasant Road in Toronto, go visit Barbara & tell her that I sent you!

Thanks Pamela & thanks Barbara for keeping my life sweet on both coasts!

Have a stylish weekend!

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