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January 9, 2008

The Bride Takes, um correction..."IS the Cake"!

I must admit, when I saw this picture & the additional pictures in the article on CNN Online, my mind was just swirling with every pithy post title & comment I could think of to write here. I'm sure you are thinking them too!

This is Mrs. Chidi Ogbuta from Allen,TX standing with her groom, Inocent at their September 2007 wedding.

The bride said she had a lifelong dream (almost-she actually wanted to be a "doll"), fulfilled by having her likeness created in a wedding cake & her new husband was all too happy to help her have this dream of a very unique & personlized wedding day come true.

As I am sure you can imagine, the cake caused "quite the scene" at the wedding reception.Don't you just know this bride, her cake & her groom are going to wind up on one of those crazy wedding clip shows?!!!

Talk about "personalizing your wedding"!!

I admit, as I said at the top, I was really taken aback by these pictures, but I was intrigued so I dug a bit deeper into the story to find out the bride is of Nigerian heritage & had also seen something like it at a wedding celebration in Nigeria when she was young. It was a beautiful image for her that represented happiness and plenty that stayed with her her entire life.

I had an opportunity to assist a wedding planner friend of mine with a wedding last year where the bride was of Nigerian descent & many guests came from the homeland dressed in traditional colorful headdresses, dresses and robes. It was different, gorgeous & over the top in it's elaborateness & I loved every minute of it.

When I first start working with a couple, we talk at great length about their wishes and desires for their wedding day. I ask them about their culture & customs, priorities & what means the most to them to incorporate into their celebration. It's my job to listen, understand & embrace these things & do all I can to help them bring those wishes & desires (yes, even lifelike wedding cakes that serve up to 600 & take a full 7 days to consume) to life so they can celebrate their wedding in "their style with Style", honoring their past while stepping into their future.

I freely admit that I would have raised my eyebrows an inch or 4 had I been in that first meeting had I been hired as their wedding planner. But the beauty of being a wedding planner & one aspect of why I love my job is getting to learn about worldwide wedding traditions. The fact that Las Vegas plays host to the world & I have the opportunity to be a part of so many families' celebrations of love and in so many different cultures, faiths & unique customs is, well...here it goes, "the icing on the cake"! :)

So I wish Mr. & Mrs. Ogbuta a very sweet life & perhaps the 1st anniversary will be celebrated as they dig in to enjoy a delicious piece of "Mr. Ogbuta" & a glass of milk!

Have a Sweet & Stylish Day!

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