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January 7, 2008

The Wedding Concierge on Wedding Podcast Network!

If you have paid a visit and stayed a short while here on my blog, you will know that I proudly syndicate The Wedding Podcast Network's Wedding Talk Radio programs.

The Wedding Podcast Network is the #1 Wedding Planning Podcast with amazing programming on a variety of wedding topics from interviews with the best in the industry to newlyweds sharing firsthand their wedding planning and wedding experiences and you can listen to it on your computer, your iPod or MP3 player too.

Yes, your Wedding Concierge listens to them all because, yes, I love and live weddings but I truly do enjoy and get inspiration from this great wedding planning resource by listening to all the shows and what they have to offer.

As a wedding consultant, I must say that one of my favorite podcasts to listen to is "It's Your Wedding: Get Real with Samantha Goldberg". Samantha, owner of Gold Events Planning in New Jersey is a favorite star of Whose Wedding is it Anyway" on the Style Network (which unfortunately Cox Communications here in Vegas doesn't offer...but I'm working on them!). However, I have seen Samantha (as well as some other planner friends) by downloading episodes of the show on iTunes for Seasons 4, 5 & 6.

Samantha really does "keep it real" with wedding advice for couples on this live call-in show and I just love her candor and I know why her clients and the podcast audience loves her.

So, I was so excited and honored to be a guest of Samantha's on her live podcast show on January 2nd, along with Executive Producer of the Wedding Podcast Network, Robert Allen.

We talked about everything from Rehearsal Dinners and who to invite to reception ideas and reception food trends on both coasts and I got to share with the audience how Las Vegas weddings are so much more than the drive-through experience and our great city is looked to for destination weddings that are stylish, elegant and unique.

And yes Samantha, I have produced 3 weddings where Elvis has performed (not the ceremony though), all at high end venues and they were all a BLAST and all so memorable and so much fun! So yes, I do have a great connection with "The King" here:).

Thank you so much to my friend Robert Allen for inviting me and to Samantha for making me feel so welcome on your show. I had so much fun and now I have another wedding planner friend and colleague to add to my friends in New Jersey (I love my New Jersey-Las Vegas Brides)!

You can scroll down to the Wedding Podcast Network feed right here on my blog to listen to the show, "It's Your Wedding: Get Real with Samantha Goldberg", episode #4, as well as other recent WPN podcasts.

Enjoy the show and I would love to hear your feedback too! I'm hoping there will be other opportunities to be a part of another podcast in the future because this experience was as addicting to participate in as it is to listen to.

Thank you and have a Stylish Day!!

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