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February 15, 2008

Stylish Gift of the Month February Giveway-Colin Cowie Book Collection

I didn't make it on time for a Valentine Giveaway, but I still want to give a lucky "Diary" reader a very special gift this February for my "Stylish Gift of the Month" Giveaway.

Coline Cowie is one of my favorite celebrity wedding and event planners! Of course I love his gorgeous work and his fabulous style but the reason I admire and respect Colin Cowie is that he truly cares about the real meaning behind the wedding day and what it holds personally for each couple. He also understands the word "style" is not exclusive to the rich (anyone with imagination who puts love and heart into planning their wedding can create a beautiful and stylish affair), and that being a gracious bride and groom and making your guests welcome, comfortable and appreciated at your celebration is as memorable (or sometimes more so) than all the fancy decor and that will always be the very best way to be "in style"!

So because I love Colin and I love you for visiting and reading my blog, I am giving away a "Colin Cowie Book Collection Valentine" that will include the following...

  • Colin's gorgeous coffee table wedding book, "Extraordinary Weddings" which is bound in a stunning pink (I think Colin calls it "vermillion") just reminds me of Valentines' Day. The images are absolutely stunning and the weddings, from rendering to finished events are truly inspiring!
  • Colin's new lifestyle book, "Colin Cowie Chic: The Guide to Life as it Should Be".
  • "For the Bride" by Colin Cowie *A must have for the Gracious Bride
  • "For the Groom" by Colin Cowie *A must have for the gentleman in every groom.

You can read more about all these wonderful Wedding Planning & Lifestyle books by clicking on them in the gallery in this post or by visiting my Book Cafe!

To enter the contest, please respond to this post by no later than 11:59PM, Pacific time on February 29, 2008 by leaving a comment with your name and city. For extra "bonus points" (I'll enter you twice), tell me one thing you like to do for your sweetie to make every day feel like Valentines' Day (and remember my 15 year old niece sometimes reads my blog!).

I will announce the winner on March 1, 2008 and the lucky winner will receive all 4 books delivered right to their home.

Good luck and have a Stylish Day!!


Affairs With Elegance said...

I guess I'll start it off. I'm LaKendra from Baltimore.

I make sure to say "I Love You" to my husband at least 3 times a day. We always kiss hello, goodbye and goodnight. I buy him a card at least once a month so he knows just how much I appreciate and love him.

Anonymous said...

Laughter! We inspire each other with laughter and our energy just flows! We could disagree about weather or not the sky is blue, who's turn it is to clean the cat box, or lately I have learned that I put the toilet paper roll on backwards. That was hilarious to me!!!!
I never knew. In the end of it all we share this sense of laughter together about our little "TIFFIES" ; as they are quite funny! Our eyes meet with forgiveness and understanding as if we are the only ones in the world at that moment. Whatever the matter is, every night we have out feet wrapped around each other, feeling safe and in love, laying all else to rest.

Anonymous said...

I'm Shannon from Cleveland. For Valentine's Day, I made my boyfriend a homemade card that was very rustic, and reflected his outdoorsy personality. Then I made heart-shaped cookies and put them in a brown paper lunch bag folded over and tied with pink ribbon, and I tied a chocolate lollipop in the ribbon. I felt like I was channeling my grade school self, but I am very low on funds right now and had to be cheap, but still wanted to remain thoughtful!

Elizabeth said...

Hi, I'm Elizabeth from Las Vegas.
The best way we make every day as special as Valentine's Day is by making time for each other. We may both have the busiest schedules but we'll set aside a few minutes to grab coffee at a mutually convenient place, or wake up early to spend time with each other before our days start, or wait up to see each other after we're done working. Each of us making "face time" with the other as important as all of our other daily obligations really keeps the romance alive!

Liene at Blue Orchid Designs said...

oooh, can I play?! what a phenomenal prize! :) I don't have a sweetie currently, but in college, when all of my girlfriends were still single and not yet married, we would throw an annual pink dinner party and undie exchange. it was set up sort of like secret santa, with each guest receiving another guest's size and then we exchanged gifts of new undies - after all what girl doesn't like new frilly unmentionables?

Anonymous said...

HI there! Im Carrie from Las Vegas. I must commend you on your event planning expertise! It has been a pleasure! Your Blog is amazing and full of great information! I have a good one! One way to remind our loved ones of our love every day is to LISTEN. Listen to what they have to say about their day. Even if you have no interest. Letting them know that what they experience is important to you. Showing them that you are not selfish and you care. Reminding them that they are not alone in the sometimes hectic world! Giving them a look of confidence that you are there listening. Touch them, whether you are tired or not, just lay a hand on their lap, or put your arm around them, rub their feet, back or even lay your head in their lap and just feel good about it!!!! Security and love are a great thing to feel at the end of a day. My husband loves his house clean and he loves dinner when he comes home. I cant say I am perfect, but I know he likes that. I do my best do make it happen! He tells me all the time that he just wants to make me happy, and that is all he wants to do, so I want to do the same for him. Its amazing what life will bring, when you have this understanding and appreciation for one another without of course forgetting about yourself. Writing this really felt good! Im going to completely change my plans for the day and plan a special evening for the two of us! We are so worth all of it! With Passion, Carrie