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February 8, 2008

The Taste of Things to Come...Taste Pairing Trends

One of my favorite new websites for entertaining, food & party ideas is "YumSugar.com" which is part of the "TeamSugar" Women's social networking site (I am a Team Sugar Member too)!
The most recent blog post had an intriguing and interesting "Top 10 Taste Pairings of 2008" that are becoming big food trends and I am sure some forward thinking caterers are already putting interesting items featuring these spicy combinations on their menus. Check some of these interesting flavor pairings out...
  • The luxurious taste sensation of vanilla bean and cardamon.
  • Chilie and cocoa-*A delicious and traditional Mexican taste combination.
  • Lemongrass and Lychee offer an exotic and refreshing mix.

Click here to see the entire list and slideshow.

There are so many wonderful ideas on this site for ideas to inspire your Wedding Style including your menu, your decor and more. Visit the rest of TeamSugar.com to get the hippest fashion, tech, political, home decor, and plenty more topics; participate in forums, blogs, etc. I do encourage you to "Check it Out"

Have fun and have a Stylish Day!

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Melissa DiStefano said...

Yum Sugar is one of my favorite sites!!! So many fun and new ideas (and most of them are super easy too!)