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March 21, 2008

Hello Again-I know for sure now..I am not Mario Andretti!

Last Sunday my husband, my step-daughter, her boyfriend and I decided to go go-karting at a local indoor track.

Gas powered cars, they get kind of fast. Fun, fun, FUN...I think, right? I'm car #20. "Come on #20, I say"!

Well, the first half of the race car #20 was just purring along, treatin' me right. I get a little close to the barrier and skim it near the pits and then.....NOTHIN'..NADA, BLANK.

I wake up in an ambulance with a neck brace on! HOLY YOU KNOW WHAT!

Apparently, good old car #20 let me down and the axel and wheel came off & I skidded & went through the barrier (I was not being reckles & going super fast-not Mario Andretti fast anyway) & my helmet came off.

So I caused a big commotion (and I don't even remember, darn it!) but I'm ok! I promise. Nothing broken and my head and my brain are just fine after x-rays and a cat-scan.

So, I'm a bit bruised but at least it's a good story right? See Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge knows how to have some fun. Don't worry though, I have insurance & I'm a tough & smart cookie who would never do anything too crazy. And no, I didn't do this just before a wedding either.

Other than the above, the bright point is that it's nice to have makeup stylist friends in the businesss who can make you feel better & then bring you good plaster style cover up makeup to cover up the boo boos. (Thank you Barbara Jo Batterman!!)

So Mr. Andretti your legacy is safe:). You can be remembered for being the super-fast amazing race car driver you are and I'll stick to being remembered for the fabulous weddings I planned. Deal?

I will have my very overdue March "Gift of the Month" post up later today-Stay Tuned!

Have a great & stylish Friday!


Liene at Blue Orchid Designs said...

oh goodness!! glad you are okay!

Ashley said...

oh my! I knew there was a reason i didn't like go karts. :)

Glad you're alright!