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March 21, 2008

March "Gift of the Month" Giveaway-Bridal Makeup Trial with Celebrity Makeup Artist Barbra Jo Batterman!

Barbra Jo Batterman

I know I am very late in getting this month's "Gift of the Month" giveaway up and running and hopefully the previous post will have you all feeling just a little bit forgiving. I truly did intend to get this up earlier, really!
Anyway, I figured I had to do something really great to make up for it and in keeping with the spirit of the last post and my shout-out to my friend Barbra Jo Batterman, fabulous makeup artist to the fashion & celebrity world elite, I am going to treat this month's winner (with Barbra's blessing) to a complimentary bridal makeup trial with Barbara!!
"If you are looking for beautiful results, look no further than the extraordinary talent of make up artist Barbra Jo Batterman. Everyone is doing it...some of Barbra's clients include Clinton, Schwarzenegger, Bacall and Lagasse, The Academy Awards, The BET Awards, The American Music Awards, The Billboard Awards, MTV, VH1, HBO and every major network."
From Barbara's Bio on her website.
You can also view Barbra's resume page to see more of the clients she has worked with from top local & national magazines including Las Vegas Life, Las Vegas Bride, Rolling Stone & more.
The Gift Certificate is valued at $100.00 when the trial is done at Barbra's southwest Las Vegas studio. Should you win the contest and you happen to be from out of town and would like Barbra to come to you at your hotel, then the $100. 00 gift certificate can be applied to her fee for on-site appointments (Barbra will quote you that price).
  • The Gift Certificate will be valid for the remainder of 2008 & does not apply to any increase in fees set by Barbra Jo Batterman. You will arrange your own appointment with Barbra at the mutual convenience of both her's and your schedules.
  • The contest will end on March 31, 2008 at 11:59 PM Pacific Time.
  • This month's contest is only open to "Brides to Be" please!
  • As always, the rules to enter are to respond with a comment to this post with your name and location. If you answer either one of my questions of the month, I enter you twice. You can only answer one question & I'm checking IP addresses so play fair!
The questions are: What has been your best "cover up" story for something embaressing you did? or... What is your best "kiss & makeup" story with your sweetie?
Have fun, good luck & have a wonderful Holiday Easter Weekend!

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