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April 14, 2008

Cell Phones & Wedding Cake-Not a Sweet Combination!

I saw this post on GeekSugar.com today and felt compelled to comment.

I am a self confessed gadget junkie. I have a desktop, a laptop, a Blackberry, an iPod (planning on buying an iPod Touch this summer to feed my new You Tube addiction), etc., etc...

I think technology is the best thing to happen to weddings and couples planning weddings in the 21st Century.

Technology has the potential to bring us together with all of these amazing resources and inventions and what is more about bringing people together than a wedding, right?

But on the other hand, this wedding cake topper you see above represents to me the very flip (or maybe it should be "flip phone") ugly reality of where technology can also take us; alienating inter-personal relationships, social skills devolving, and communicating with machines instead of with each other because it might seem easier and safer. It is sad to think that these very things that have the positive potential to bring us closer, if we let it get out of hand, can tear us apart.

I think Emily Post would have a fit if she were alive to see this.

This cake topper actually makes me angry to be honest! Just look at this "couple" if you can call them that. They are not even looking at each other and are self involved and talking to other people and this is supposed to go on top of their cake as a symbol of what THEIR relationship is to others who will see it?

I don't even see it as a joke for those who will say they are just expressing and personalizing their techie geek side on their wedding day.

I am all for personalizing your wedding too! You can express your love of tech though in so many other ways-with edible cookie favors that look like your favorite cell phone with a picture of the two of you, snuggled in a hug together for example. Or put together an awesome, customized wedding website. Heck, even a second cake could be made to look like your phones.

I understand and sincerely appreciate the concept of "to each their own", but on a day that is supposed to be about two people "coming together", love, communication and being "as ONE", this cake topper just does not CUT IT in this wedding planner's opinion.

I really think that the people who are making and marketing this item got this one totally wrong.

I would love to hear your opinions on this.

Thanks in advance for chiming in and have a Stylish Day!!


Green Orchid Events said...

Yeah, not cute. This world has definitely become way too impersonal and it's sad.

Andy Ebon said...


I did not see the post about this, but rather came across the image, itself on the site of a Cake Topper vendor.

While I too feel that people live on their cell phones too much, and do agree that has become a symbol of 'too much technology,' somehow I can't get as worked up as you have.

I would offer that a couple that might choose this topper is poking fun at themselves. Maybe they can't go an hour without hearing an other one's voices. Without know such a couple, it's hard to know.

I guess I see the humor in it. And, I do understand your reaction, too.

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