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April 23, 2008

The Wedding Concierge Gets Tagged & "Gets Down"!

Well, I thought I was finally under the radar when it came to being "tagged" for blog games, but apparently not.

One of my Coordinator's Corner.com Wedding Planner friends, Kimberly Petyt of Parisian Events in Paris, France (yes, she really is "An American in Paris"!) found me & tagged me for the “embarrassing song” game. I’m to share 5 songs that I’m embarrassed to admit to others that I like and tell why.

Then I have to bring 7 more sucka’s down with me (Kimberly, I am using YOUR words because you said it so eloquently here, LOL).

What you don't know Kimberly is that I secretly love anything that has to do with music so I love playing these little games (but only 1x) AND I love dancing to them too..all by myself...in my office! I better stop now before I lose all credibility,LOL;)
Ok, here goes...

"Baby Got Back" by Sir Mix-a-Lot: Yes, it's rude & crude, but it sure gets MY "back" up off the chair & heck, it's just fun. And if Friend's Ross & Rachel & Cameron Diaz in Charlie's Angels can shake it to that song, then so can I!

"Eye of the Tiger" by Survivor from Rocky 3: I can't help myself; it just makes me want to go and run on the beach with Sylvester Stallone. Mind you, I'm also a sucker for "Gonna Fly Now" & "Going the Distance", both by Bill Conti & both used in pretty much every Rocky movie. Maybe I have "Rocky" on the brain because I am headed to Philadelphia this summer as I mentioned in an earlier post.

"I Want You Back" by N'Sync: My secret boy band crush (*blush*). Justin & the boys were so cute & that is just such a catchy tune. I'm boogying in my seat right now.

"Conga" by Miami Sound Machine: Oyey, Oyeh, Oyeh...I remember when that song came out & it was a standard at EVERY wedding I was at, but boy oh boy, did it get everyone on the floor, around the room & in a great mood. If you want to hear a great updated version, check out "Y-Tu Conga" that Gloria Estefan released on her "Greatest Hits, VolumeII". You won't be able to sit down, I promise you!

"Slow Ride" by Foghat: Visions of Seinfeld's Elaine & her scary-bad but hilarious dancing in my head. It's almost like I feel I have to outworst her, HAHA! Great song though. I had too many choices here but just when you think these songs are embarassing, they get popular again in many movies with great soundtracks.

By the way, I could go on forever with way more than 5, but...the time has come to "tag" 7 more blogger friends (at least I hope you will still be after this). It is now time to pass the love on to you and get YOU to 'fess up about your favorite but embarassing songs. This should be good!

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Have fun and have a Stylish Day!


Green Orchid Events said...

Okay, done! But I didn't offer any fun explanations like you did. Baby Got Back is the best song ever made.

Kim Petyt said...

Ahhh, PRICELESS! Thanks for playing along, Tracey (and congratulations on the blog make-over. Looks great!)!!