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April 23, 2008

Wedding Concierge has reached "The Tipping Point"

I got a pleasant surprise today in my inbox from my friend Andy Ebon of the Wedding Marketing Blog to tell me that I "had been blogged" and sure enough, Andy has featured me on his blog again and I could not be more proud about the content of his post.

In a nutshell, Andy referred to me reaching "The Tipping Point" by making all the right moves when it comes to marketing my company by consistently using my personal brand of style through my new business cards, my blog, and my new website and backing all that up with good old fashioned networking and just taking pride in my work and doing a good job.

The Tipping Point,by Malcolm Gladwell (a book I must check into now-I admit that Andy's mention of it was the first time I had heard of it). Andy's "plain English" definition is about as succinct as you can get.

I consider Andy a mentor and someone who I look up to on both a professional and personal level and who has taught me so much about the wedding business and more. So it is especially meaningful when I not only get complimented on the steps I am taking to improve my business, but in addition I am commended for doing a great job and referred to on his blog as an example of what to do right.

Thank you so much Andy & I promise to keep up the good work!

Then again, it doesn't always seem like work when you do what you love and love what you do. And..."I Do"!

Have a Stylish Day!

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