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May 25, 2008

Find the Wedding Concierge on Facebook

Tracey Kumer-Moore's Facebook profile
Hello there and hope you are enjoying the long weekend? I
It is definitely the best season of the year..."It's WEDDING SEASON" but it is certainly keeping me busy and have had less time to visit and post here online.
Oddly enough, I did not have a wedding to coordinate this long weekend so I am enjoying the time with my husband, catching up on seeing some movies (LOVED the new Indiana Jones Movie!) and now getting to catch up here online on my blog & those of my friends. Speaking of which...
A lot of my friends have been after me to join Face Book.
I finally signed up and I love it! I have to say I am probably more apt to use this social networking site than My Space because this site seems to be similar in certain ways to the business networking site, Linkedin.
I like that it is easy to read everyones' profiles without all those crazy backgrounds and fairly easy to add applications and groups and friends.
I still have a My Space site, but I rarely check it but I will be checking in to my FaceBook site often to keep in touch with my family and friends in Hamilton & Toronto, Canada, here in Las Vegas and all over the USA and beyond.
This is more of my personal networking site (even though there is a bit of wedding related stuff on there too because it is "who I am"-I even found a Wedding Group to join). But, I get to have fun over there and take part in all those silly "what kind of ice cream flavor are you?" style applications and post them online. By the way, it's "Espresso"!
Have a safe & Happy Memorial Day Everyone and G-d Bless the Troops!!

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