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June 9, 2008

Feeling All "Dressed Up in Love"...in Las Vegas!

Hello ladies (and gentlemen)!

Well, I just got back from seeing "Sex & the City" at the movies and I am in LOVE!!

What a fabulous and entertaining movie and the only thing I regret is that I didn't have ALL my girlfriends, the ones I have known for decades and the ones I have only known a few years, with me to enjoy this together.

Of course, ogling at all the drop dead incredible designer wedding gowns in the movie for that VOGUE couture bridal shoot, the decor, the fasion; well..it's like being in a grown-up female and very styish Disney World for 2 hours and 30 funny, sexy and lovely minutes. You are so happy and satisfied when you leave & you can't wait for another opportunity (excuse) to see it (I mean "Mr. Big"...love him) again.

And, don't want to give anything away for anyone who has not seen it yet (can't beleive it took me this long to get there but it IS wedding season!) but let me just say that it re-inforces yet again my belief about what is (should be) at the heart of every wedding day no matter who or where you are in life or in the world.

So with that, enjoy a great song from Academy Award Winner, Jennifer Hudson from the movie that could not be more perfect for a bride or a wedding in June... "All Dressed in Love" !

And ladies...Have a VERY STYLISH DAY!

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