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April 1, 2009

The Economy & Your Wedding-FOCUS on What is Important!

I wanted to share with you a post I wrote a while back but feel the message needs to be rejuvinated. I look forward to your feedback. And so without further ado...


Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge knows these are very crazy times right now and a lot of you are wondering how life is going to look trying to deal with all the challenges ahead as we all navigate our way through this economic downturn.

It’s hard enough figuring out how to balance your household budget; never mind adding the costs of planning a wedding on top of that.

I get it! I really do! And while I am a realist, I am also an optimist who is going to focus (and help you do the same) on the positive opportunities, lessons and tips for planning and budgeting for your wedding during these challenging times.

Wedding celebrations are and should be a bright spot in our lives amongst all the other things that are getting us down because G-d knows we all need a reason to come together to focus on what is important in our lives; the people that we love and who love us and trying to build a better life and future for ourselves and our kids.

 So here is my first piece of advice and these are the key words...

“focus on what is important”!

Right now is the perfect opportunity to let you really evaluate (if you are just starting to plan) or reevaluate what your priorities are and what ideals and values you hold most dear when it comes to celebrating your wedding. Everything you do and what and how you spend those very hard earned and precious dollars should be an extension of these priorities and ideals.

In the detailed questionnaires I give all my new clients, I ask them to consider the following…

·         Provide three words that describe how you want your wedding to be remembered by you and your guests?

·         Provide three elements of your wedding that you will absolutely NOT compromise on.

No matter what your budget is, think about these carefully, write them down and refer to them often to help guide you and keep you “focused on what’s important”, put your positive energy, your money and your time (all valuable commodities) throughout the months ahead.

And please do remember to also focus on what is truly MOST IMPORTANT; the loving relationship that you and your fiance have that is the foundation and the reason for having this wedding celebration. That is PRIORITY #1!

This is good planning advice in any economic climate but even more important when your pocketbook is tighter.

Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge would love to hear from you on this subject. Please comment here and let me know what important elements you are focusing on for your wedding, challenges, ideas…whatever you want to share.  We can all use every bit of inspiration and advice there is from all of you.

Stay positive, stay focused and have a Stylish Day!


Andy Ebon said...

Focusing on what's important, starts with understanding what's important.

To that end, an experience wedding planner is of great assistance to all brides.

Too often, a bride gets to the bottom of her bank account before contracting come key services.

To the degree that a professional wedding consultant is able to coach good priorities, the bride will benefit regardless of what her budget is.

Andy Ebon
The Wedding Marketing Blog

Las Vegas Wedding Concierge said...

I agree of course. Even if a couple can not afford my services for partial or full planning or wedding day direction services, I do offer a range of consulting only services including a two hour consultation.

This consultation is available at any time during your planning to help get couples on the right track from the start (or back on track) by providing some guidance, basic referral information, general budget advice.

A small investment and a few hours with a wedding professional can pay big dividends in time and money saved and invested in the right areas that will make the most of your event.