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April 6, 2009

Your Wedding Concierge to Take Pledge to help Wedding Industry 4.21

Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge will publish a blog post on Tuesday April 21st about a person in the wedding industry whom I admire but only if 20 other of my fellow wedding bloggers do the same!!

Will YOU be a part of it?
Click Here to Sign the Pledge

There are many people who have inspired me over the last 6+ years since I began my journey into this amazing world of weddings. Some of them know how much of an inspiration they have been to me and some don't. 

What they all have done, in one way or another, is left an indelible impression and example on how to continually do what I love to do better, with more polish, passion and poise. They have been a source of positivity for this amazing industry (whether they know it or not) that we collectively can be proud of. 

As a matter of fact, as I write this, I know exactly who I will be writing about. I look forward to honoring that person here on the 21st.

Thank you to BrideTide.com, "The Wedding News Website", for starting this wonderful project!

Who has inspired you? Join the pledge!

1 comment:

.elle denise. said...

Done & done! (I believe I'll be #18 on the list of Pledge folks). I'm awaiting confirmation email now!