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January 25, 2009

Have Your Diamond Ring...& Eat it Too!

Chocolate Diamond Rings by "Iguana Makeit" on Etsy.com

You can have your big diamond ring now & eat it too!!

Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge found these Chocolate Diamond Rings (which can be totally customized) through the Totally TableTops blog, based in Seattle, WA that I just happily discovered.  
IguanaMakeit on Etsy.com has a whole collection of delightful real life items molded into chocolate and painted to look incredibly like the real deal. In addition to shoes she has a collection of chocolate makeup and beautiful chocolate shoes!

The rings measure a large 5.5" diameter. The diamond is 1.5" wide, 1.25" long and a half inch thick. They use quality gourmet chocolate and can customize them any way you want, including adding a special "lustre dust", then packaged in a ring box with a pretty bow!

I thought this would be a perfect Valentine's Engagement opportunity because what could be better than chocolate AND a ring...combined! Guys, if you are listening, just make sure to include the real deal as well!

These would also make for great engagement party favors.

Oh, and don't forget to take a picture with the big "sparkler" "on" before nibbling so you can show it off!

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