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January 3, 2009

Dear Las Vegas Wedding Concierge:Destination Las Vegas Marriage Legalese.

"Hi there! I found your cute blog when googling for information, and I think you're probably exactly the right person to answer the question on my mind - is it legal for Canadians to get married in Las Vegas, and are there any special documents (other than the standard travel docs) needed, or can they get a quickie Vegas wedding the same as Americans can?

I hope I'm not taking advantage just barging in and picking your brain like this, but you have a beautiful blog and are clearly very knowledgeable in your field"
Thank you,

Dear "Tattytiara":
First of all, thank for stopping by my blog, for your very nice & much appreciated compliments. If you didn't know, Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge is also from Canada (Hamilton/Toronto) and it's always a treat to have a fellow Canadian stop by and say hello. I most certainly am the right person to answer your question and happy to say "Yes, you CAN!".

Since Canada & the USA are among members of the *Hague Convention, they recognize the legality of the marriage in each other's countries. You don't need "permission" from Canada provided your marriage in the USA is legal according to all federal, state & county requirements. 

In Las Vegas, there is no waiting period and no blood test required (2 reasons why we gained the reputation for the "quickie" wedding destination). The fee is $55.00 in CASH (exact is preferred) along with proper identification. 2 witnesses are required. You can download instructions and the license application form here to to fill it out in advance to speed the process up at the Marriage Bureau.

If previously married, the date of dissolution of marriage (by divorce or death) is required but documentation is not.

After your  wedding, you will require a copy of your marriage certificate. The officiant who performed the ceremony will submit to the Clark County Recorder's Office no later than 10 days after. You can locate your certificate online (by 14 days, it should be available).  I suggest ordering at least 2 and keep them, with several copies, in a safe place.

It's most likely you won't need an "Apostille" (authentication) document but having one isn't a bad thing as extra piece of mind. You can order them from the NV Secretary of State.

Usually, this should be more than sufficient to satisfy provincial requirements, but I would suggest investigating with your local city office or their website just to be sure so you can avoid any hassles when (or if) going through a name-change process. 

Las Vegas Marriage Legal Links (for US & Non-US Residents) is available at www.AccessClarkCounty.gov, Clark County NV Recorder. Additional info on Canadians marrying in USA available here.

Although this answer is directed to my Canadian reader, the information on the Las Vegas Marriage website includes information applicable to US residents, Canadians and all the other future Las Vegas newlyweds from all over the world. Thank you again for stopping by and please visit often for more updates in my diary about great wedding style and fabulous Las Vegas weddings.

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tattytiara said...

Did I ever ask the right person! Thank you for your very clear and thorough explanation - that answers my question and then some! I'm delighted to hear it's just as easy for Canadians there as it is for Americans, too.