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January 17, 2009

Wedding Style File: Couture Your Chairs!

Found in the pages of INSIDE Weddings Magazine | Winter '09

While I am on the topic of trends, this decor trend is just too gorgeous to keep quiet about.

Fashion "couture" has gone from the runways of Paris and New York to your chair at the next wedding you attend. 

These stunning chairs, pictured above, are a collaboration of the incredibly talented, creative and fashion forward Wildflower Linens and  Chameleon Chair who have designed a signature "couture" line  of chair covers that will certainly add incredible drama and style to any event.

The chair sleeve designs above, called "LilyBelle"(l) & "Coquette"(r) are paired with a "fanfare" Chameleon Chair in gold. My jaw dropped when I first saw this, it is just so beautiful and yes, it IS runway ready!  It comes in a variety of colors but with yellow or should I say "mimosa" being the color of 2009 as I mentioned in a previous post, this is one of the most beautiful merges of color, fashion and decor that I have seen yet.  

And Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge would be remiss if I didn't bring a bit of Vegas into this commentary by mentioning that these designs, for me at least, brought to mind the incredible glass sculpture in the lobby of The Bellagio by famed artist, Dale Chihuly.

I am looking forward to seeing these beautiful designs in person at The Special Event Show in San Diego which I will be attending from January 26-29 as both Wildflower Linens & Chameleon Chair will be there. 

You can also see these gorgeous, couture styles and many other fashion forward designs on their websites with dozens of beautiful event images to inspire your own style!


Juliet Douglas said...

Gorgeous! I love Wildflower and Chameleon. And you are right! This makes me think of Bellagio.

Wedding Jeannie said...

Great post Tracey. As we've discussed in the past, it's important for couples to have that "polished" look in their table decor. Wildflower is definately a leader in showing us how to do it beautifully.