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January 19, 2009

Delicious Discoveries: Edible Cocktail Glasses Inspire Mouthwatering Ideas!

Dark and white chocolate are combined to create glasses with a marbled effect. 
Photo: Courtesy of Bar Candy 

Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge  thinks that that Liz Green, the creator of Bar Candy, based in New York, has a special place in my heaven for coming up with this amazing edible chocolate cocktail glass. 

This is one of my favorite Delicious Discoveries (a new blog category I just created) so far for "raising the bar" on style for your signature wedding cocktail.

The cone-shaped vessels come in melt-free milk, dark, and white chocolate (the white can be dyed your signature wedding color) and sit inside custom-made glass bases. Go over the top with custom rims made from a variety of gourmet options such as crushed cookies or gold or silver leaf or edible glitter! These are perfect for a very special champagne toast that will make for very sweet memories!

If that doesn't sound divine enough already, Bar Candy provides a variety of different syrups to make custom desert martinis with a variety that will boggle the mind. They mix easily with suggested liquors but all of them can be made non-alcoholic so your venue can get them made up easily to tray pass or create an amazing liquid dessert display. 

Or for a delicious favor or gift idea, offer your guests Edible Chocolate Bar Candy bar kits that includes 2 edible martini glasses, a mini shaker, Bar Candy mixer syrup, and rimming sugars. 

Edible Chocolate Cocktails? Yes, I will most certainly drink to that!!!

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