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January 21, 2009

The Marriage of President Obama & the USA

Image: Carolyn Cole, LA Times
There was a young and good looking couple and family, a processional involving the couples own family "party" and the other "family", a "Best Man" and "Matron of Honor", a ceremony including vows with an officiant, blessings, and one very, VERY large guest list!

There were luncheons, formal portraits, chauffered transportation, the ultimate venue for a ceremony, a multitude of receptions, decor, flowers, lighting, rentals, food, drinks, speeches, kissing, handshakes, hugs and best wishes for a bright future. 

And then the couple's highly anticipated moment at their "ball". With the "groom" in an elegant tuxedo and his first lady in a stunning white, off the shoulder gown by designer Jason Wu and the spotlight on them, they made magic as they danced their first official "first couple" dance.

It will now forever be "their song"; "At Last", the Etta James romantic classic performed by the incredibly talented Beyonce Knowles who played the legendary jazz diva in the film Cadillac Records. It was such a perfect choice that honored their African-American heritage and spoke volumes about how they and many of their billions of friends felt on this day. 

Sounds like a pretty fabulous wedding, doesn't it?
Damon Winter, NY Times
Many of the elements of the January 20th, 2009 Presidential Inauguration of the 44th President of the USA, Barack Obama and his "First Lady", Michelle Obama, did seem orchestrated like a wedded union; the culmination of the great love affair between now President Obama and the people of the USA. It may not have had a 7 layer wedding cake but it did have about 50 layers of every kind of security you could imagine.

I bet, taking the dance floor, they probably did feel some of that wedding magic from 16 years ago.

10 Inuaugural Balls representing different regions and reasons and they toasted and twirled at each one of them. Phew! The "first couple" toasted their appreciation to their guests for their support and love through the years throughout the long night and now..."At Last", the big day is over. 

I don't know how long the happy marriage and the "honeymoon" will last between Mr. Obama and the American people but I have a pretty strong hunch that YOUR honeymoon with the "first man" in your life will stretch much longer. I hope you still feel like you are on your honeymoon on your 4th, 8th, 25th....

The Obamas may be starting their honeymoon in frigid national capital, Washington, DC but Your Las Vegas Wedding Concierge thinks a wedding and a "Honeymoon in Vegas" is a much warmer and appealing destination. Since Las Vegas IS the "Wedding Capital of the World" you are always lucky in love in this exciting city and, who knows, you may even get your own unexpected personal stimulus package while you are here!

So, happy planning and cheers to no term limits on celebrating many happy anniversaries and occasions!
Photo: Lorenz Foto

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