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January 23, 2009


Lucite Love
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"Lucite", a transparent acrylic resin, was created by DuPont in the early 30's and became really popular for use in everything from furniture to jewelry. It was considered very "space age" and in the 50's atomic era, it was seen in many trendy homes for it's smart style and ease of care. Of course, everything old finds it's way back to being new again and lucite has again become a fashion forward material in the fashion, design and interior decorating world.

What I love about Lucite is that it still retains that "vintage" look and today, you can see lucite bringing that retro, vintage look into modern decor and fashion and I believe it's here to stay. Now it's not just clear anymore. Many fashion & decor designers are coming out with colored lucite and acrylic and pairing them with crystals & interesting metals and fabrics.

Whether it's a lamp, a necklace, a bag, an invitation or a stunning table, it's a sexy modern, stylish, "COOL" look that fits very well with the vintage Vegas vibe that we all love here; reminding us of the golden age of Vegas in the 50's & 60's. 

Consider adding a bit of lucite to your reception decor in the way of end tables for a lounge environment where you could really have fun adding colored LED lighting or florals inside. Or another "lucite look" could be in the way of beautiful "Ghost Chairs" by Kartell that are so elegant. They look great at dining tables with a fabulous high-drama accent pillow to compliment the color motif of your event.

Go ahead and use some LUCITE and you will "clearly" be in Style!

Some of the items pictured above are...
Lucite Engraved Invitation by Gourmet Invitations, MI is a hot new product in her custom line of products.
Kartell "Bourgie" Lamp 
Clear Acrylic Tabletop & Base with Light Cube & "Victoria Ghost Chairs by Fete Accompli Events
Lucite Letters from Wonderful Graffiti
Lucite Tabletop Setting accented with tropical leaves & Orchids from Grace Ormonde Wedding Style 2009
Lucite Serving Tray with custom inserts (this one is in that fabulous hot-trend yellow) by iomoi
"Donostia" White, Lucite Peep-Toe Shoes by Aldo Shoes


Brandi- Glitz and Glamour Events said...

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Derek said...

I love Lucite too! How about a backyard like that in Vegas?? Oh wait, we don't have green.